About Criabufalos Venezuela

Who we are

We are a non-profit association founded in 2009. We group farmers dedicated to the nationwide breeding of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), and we seek the genetic improvement of the water buffalo breed in Venezuela.

What we do

We promote activities that benefit water buffalo breeders throughout the country. We also invite all members of the agricultural sector to join in the benefits of this remarkable animal.

What we want

In our technical-scientific character, we seek to encourage and promote the genetic improvement of the water buffalo species. Also to protect and unify all buffalo breeders in Venezuela, offering them great benefits to continue promoting the guild.

     The Civil Association of Buffalo Breeders of Venezuela is made up of all its members and is managed by a Board of Directors that are elected every year. The Board consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 9 Directors, three for each of the three chapters of the association. The Board of Directors is elected every year and to run for office, the affiliated member must have been a member of the association for at least one year.

     In addition, the association has an Electoral Commission of 6 members, a Disciplinary Tribunal also of 6 members, and an Advisory Council of 5 members.

Criabufalos de Venezuela is affiliated with the Internacional Buffalo Federation and the American Federation of buffalo breeders



  • Ricardo Briceño 
  • Francisco Linares Mora
  • Ángel Vera



  • Angelo Pluchino Sortino
  • Carlos Vera 
  • Alejandro Rodríguez



  • Iván Galban
  • Orlando Gómez Rojas
  • Jesús Rojas


Electoral Comission

  • Ángel Urdaneta
  • Damián Senatore
  • Gastón Oropeza
  • Julio Monzón
  • Sergio Guerrero
  • Rodolfo Auvert


Disciplinary Tribunal

  • Carlos Gallegos
  • Giovanni Fabbozzo
  • Romel Gutiérrez
  • Cesar Sanchez
  • Gonzalo Vargas
  • Luis Perez Stuve


Advisory Council

  • Alberto Dávila
  • Hector Scannone
  • Javier Gibert
  • Wilmer Moran
  • Rafael Rincón


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